What I’m Wearing

What I'm Wearing (3)

Hey, I’m back for another What I’m Wearing.

People seem to like these and I like posting them so I thought I would show you what I am wearing at the moment…

It is blinking C.O.L.D here in the UK so my winter wardrobe is out in full swing – which means I am looking for warmth and comfort!

IMG_0282 (1)

Lately I have been really reaching for this fluffy, bat winged jumper. I actually got this YEARS ago super cheap, but is something that I have never parted with because it is too comfortable. And lo and behold, this style actually seems to be cropping up again this year (crazy how fashion always comes back around).

jumper 2jumper 1










As always I have paired this with my high wasted jeans and my trusty TopShop fortune shoes, which I got last year and am still rocking.


My make is super basic and is what I ALWAYS wear. Winged liner, bold lip, I’m sure you guys get it by now!

But I am really loving this highlighter at the moment! It is a stick highlighter so I am finding it much nicer to use on my dry skin as the weather gets colder. I also find that it blends nicely and gives me just the right amount of shine. (Although my boyfriend did ask why I looked silver *sigh*). And it is cruelty free – yippee!


I apologies for these photos. I am desperately trying to find a better location for this mirror but I am struggling especially with the lack of light!

How are you guys dressing for the cold weather?

Until next time



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