Why go cruelty free

Why go cruelty free

It is July and it is already starting to feel like Autumn here in the UK. So I thought I would have a little chit chatty post.

There have been a few instances lately where I have been trawling through Boots searching for new make up and am so tempted to pick up the newest foundation, consealer, etc that everyone is talking about, which I know isn’t cruelty free.

It still blows my mind that pretty much all of the biggest drug store brands test on animals!

But I have seen so many things in the news (on Facebook) recently that have made me so glad that I’ve stuck to my guns.

When I have spoken to friends and family about going cruelty free in the past I have always been really surprised by their response.

Mouse-testing-420x420A lot of people seem to think that it is just rats that get tested on (for some reason that would make it okay?).

Or others think that the final product is just tested on animals – and a little blush on a rabbit never hurt anyone, right?

According to Peta 11.5 million animals are being tested on every year in Europe ALONE. These animals include rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even cats and dogs!

rabbit-cage-animal-testing-vivisection-MCThese animals go through ‘psychological distress are deliberately infected with diseases, subjected to brain damage, paralysed, surgically mutilated, irradiated, burned, gassed, force-fed, electrocuted, and killed.’


And for what?! Why?!

Animal testing is cruel, unnecessary and out dated!

I didn’t mean for this to be a rant, but I honestly think this is a topic that we all need to be aware of! I really think if you just start looking into animal testing, you won’t look back!

Until next time


Photographs taken from Peta.



  1. Okay I’m not even kidding but those photos have terrified me- think it’s time for a little cruelty free makeup spree. Seriously you really opened my eyes! Great post xx

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