Neal’s Yard Remedies Night Cream Review


Hello hello hello,

So I recently decided that my moisturisers just weren’t cutting it.

I have never really found a moisturiser that I truly love, and I tend to bounce around them, usually just picking up whatever looks good and is reasonably priced.

Well a colleague from work shares my love for skin care and we have very similar skin types so when she mentioned Neal’s Yard I was all over it.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are a British skin care brand which focuses on natural remedies, and just generally all the good things you want from a skin care brand (no parabens, mineral oils etc). And this had this to say about testing on animals:

‘Neal’s Yard Remedies is strongly against animal testing, and has never used animal testing since it was founded in 1981. … This means that no ingredients or products have been conducted or commissioned by us, and we do not ever work with companies that test on animals. We test on willing humans instead.’ – How lovely.

I went into the store in Cardiff and told the sales assistant about my skin type. She recommended the Vitamin E and Avocado night cream which claims to ‘deeply nourish and soothe’.

Untitled design (2)

The first thing I noted about this is how thick the cream is. It is super rich and has an almost whipped feel to it. However when I put this onto my face it sinks in almost instantly and leaves no residue. Because of this I was worried that it wasn’t going to provide the amount of moisture that my skin needs.

But boy was I wrong. Within 2 days I can honestly say I was GLOWING.

I hadn’t changed my day cream at all and yet my make up was going on much smoother and my face was lovely and dewy all day long!

The scent is super gentle, doesn’t feel imposing at all so is perfect for bed time.

This is a more expensive than I usually spend on my skin care, with this retailing for £22, but I did have a 20% off voucher from a magazine I’d bought. The packaging is also super sleek with a glass tub and were beautifully wrapped.

My only real qualm is that this has only lasted me around 2 months, which doesn’t seem that long to me, especially considering the price. But all in all, I love this and will definitely be repurchasing.

Have you guys tried anything from Neal’s Yard?


Until next time,




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