Cruelty Free – what it all means

Cruelty free - what it all means

So I have been on my cruelty free journey for a little while now, and I have mentioned a few times that it has been much harder than I ever thought. Firstly because I completed under estimated how many brands still test on animals, and secondly because finding out who is and isn’t cruelty free is HARD.

Unfortunately just because a brand says it is ‘doesn’t test on animals’ often doesn’t actually mean that it is cruelty free. So here are some keys things to keep an eye out for:

Parent companies – Some times a brand e.g. Body Shop will be cruelty free. However they are owned by a parent company e.g. L’Oreal who will NOT be.

Ingredients – Some brands may mention that they do not test their final products on animals. This means that they may test ingredients on animals, or buy their ingredients from companies who test their products on animals.

EU ban – In 2013 the EU passed a law that said that it was illegal to sell cosmetics where the ingredients or the final products has been tested on animals. Although they could test in order to sell products in countries ‘required by law’.

‘Required by law’ – ohhh this little loophole. There are countries out there, such as China, which requires cosmetics to be tested by local authorities, which usually includes testing on animals. So this is a brand saying that they are only testing on animals in these countries.

If I have any of this information wrong or you there are some points you think I should have added please let me know! I am here to learn and I am not afraid to look stupid.

Also, if any of you could shine some more light on the EU ban for me I would be really grateful. I don’t quite understand how over half of the brands in Boots are tested on animals, if it is illegal in the EU?

I hope this helps, if even a tiny bit.

Until next time




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