Natio tinted moisturiser review

Natio tinted moisturiser review

It has been a few months since I initially wrote my first impressions on the Natio tinted moisturiser, and so thought it was a good time to do a full review.

To start off, as I mentioned in my first impressions Natio is a cruelty free brand based in Australia. They believe in natural, affordable beauty products for all. So when I saw this in Tesco the name rang a bell for all the right reasons.

The packaging of all the Natio products look very sleek and more expensive than they are. The tinted moisturiser comes in a sturdy, thin lined plastic bottle. This design makes the bottle nice and compact – perfect for in my bag, but it isn’t flimsy at all.

I picked up the shade Neutral, which is the lightest they do, and at first I thought the match was okay but as my tan started to wash off I realised that it is slightly too dark for me. So this may not be the best option for my fellow palies out there.

I have found that how I feel about this product chances depending on the application and occasion and so I will talk you through both and my thoughts.



On a day-to-day basis I want a very lightweight natural and dewy base. And I am usually always in a rush for work and so just slap products onto my face with the nearest brush.

When applied in this way, the Natio Tinted Moisturiser applies very quickly and evenly to create a thin and even base, which dries quickly and so is great to jumping onto my next steps of my make up.

However, the product dries to create a satin finish which does no justice to my dry skin and makes me look flat. Throughout the day my natural oils begin to shine through, which I am grateful for but this also leads to any redness/blemishes being revealed.

Night out 

On a night out I take a lot longer to get ready. I still want something that looks natural and feels lightweight, but I want something slightly more matt and with great staying power.

In this instance I usually use my trusted beauty blender and take my tend to build up my base. When applied in this way I find that this product is perfect for me. The product still dries quite quickly so that the building up process doesn’t take too long. But with the extra product on my face the finish is beautiful.

The satin finish builds to create a very good coverage and the satin finish still look quite natural. The finish is still slightly more matt than I would like but this helps the staying power which drastically improved meaning I don’t have to worry about touch ups during the night.


Overall, I am quite surprised that I have found a tinted moisturiser that I prefer to use on a night out that I do during the day. But I think this might suit someone with normal/combination skin more than someone with dry skin. Or just someone who has more time/energy to apply a full face in the morning.

I also think I am going to give this another try during the summer or on holiday to see if this makes a difference.

Have you guys tried anything from Natio? What did you think?

Until next time



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